Event Line Up


Wooly Alley Vinyl Dance Party:

DJs Mike Delick, Yummy, Kaiser Disco, Nick de Parisol and chuckwho All Day

Sun Urchins 4pm-5pm

Big Bank 5pm

Tim O'Keefe 6pm

Atlantic Thrills 7pm

Extraordinary Rendition Band 8:30pm

Triangle Forest 9pm


Imagination Station 3pm-6pm

ArtHaus -- Katey Cohen and Jenn Pohle 3pm-6pm

Kids Sheep Station -- Outsider Collective -- 3pm-6pm

Puzzical Chairs 5pm

Rat Scallion Face Painting 6pm-9pm

The Magic Carwash -- Portal Rental 4pm-6pm, 7pm-9pm

Big Cigarette -- David Allyn

Big Flower -- Sam White

Big Cupcake -- Rob Smart, Sam White, Stef Grant

The Big Deal is Already Done -- Colin Bliss

The Wishing Well -- Mikey Knives

The Kraken Wranglers -- Annaliese Ritterhaus Neff and Dan Neff

Pixel Lamb -- John Foley and Greg Lundberg

Dichroic Disco Palace -- Talia Lipkind

Just Passing Through -- Tape Art

Win a Tree Ring Toss -- Winnie White

Carona Quarantine -- Liz Hafey

Kissing Booth -- Polina Volfovich

News and World Report -- Nick Bauta

REDo Booth -- Peter Haas

The Pleased Department -- Gillian Kiley, Aaron Horowitz, Satya Sullivan, Stephanie Ewens

Are you the next Big Tomato? -- Tom West

Wooly Fair 2023

Sunday, October 1st


The Steel Yard

27 Sims Ave, Providence, RI

Some 2023 Wooly Projects

Dichroic Disco

Suspended dichroic disco shapes interact with the elements and create a playful space for adults and children to interact with their reflections. Visitors can lay in the colorful circles, play hopscotch in the lighting, and take photos with family and friends in their casted shadows.

Talia Lipkind

REDo Talks

REDo Talks: Ideas Worth Keeping to Yourself. An infinite mirrored video recording booth where you can give a 3 minute talk to yourself and have it emailed to you.

Peter Haas

The Magic Car Wash

Providence art band Portal Rental present THE MAGIC CAR WASH: a fun, multi-sensory experience hosted out of the back of a box truck.

Portal Rental

Wooly Alley Vinyl Dance Party

A collaboration of dance music DJs in Providence playing the music they love! DJs Mike Delick, Yummy, Kaiser Disco, Nick de Parisol and chuckwho coming together to play their favorite records for your dancing and listening pleasure. Pair this with lighting by Captain Fog and a plethora of projections from over the years and you get the perfect interactive dance party.

Pixel Lamb

Come to the Steel Yard on September 30th and behold the Pixel Lamb! This wooly, sound-reactive beacon of dance may be over your shoulder, but it’s neither angelic or devilish. ‘Chaotic neutral’, perhaps, but the lamb hates labels.

John Foley

Kraken Wranglers

A game where skilled Merfolk and Pirates try to wrangle a pet Kraken for an oceany prize!

Annaliese Rittershaus Neff

Win a Tree Ring Toss

Winnie White

The Big Deal is already Done

A diorama of Providence, showing future development plans for the neighborhood - 'Level It All, Except for the Mall,' where everything in the city is leveled except for the Providence Place Mall. Open for public comment on Saturday, September 30th from 9am - 10pm.

Colin Bliss